Charles Pinter

Charles Pinter (2011)

Professor Emeritus, Bucknell University

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Research Interests

Current Research

I have worked for many years on mathematical modeling — both the theory and methodology. More recently, my interest has turned to the specific problems involved in modeling structures arising in neuroscience. I am interested in perceptual mechanisms and especially the process of perceptual learning. I have worked on the theoretical aspects of training neural networks and have presented my results in three conference proceedings: ALT (Algorithmic Learning Theory) 1995, CCC (Coding, Cryptography and Combinatorics) 2003, and Eurocomb 2003. My work relates to both artificial and natural learning: I am interested both in how perceptual codes are acquired phylogenetically and how these same codes undergo further development as a result of perceptual learning by individuals.

Another problem of considerable interest to me is the fact that animal vision is invariably in the form of comprehensive, integrated perceptual groups or scenes — never of isolated single objects. In fact, when vision of extended displays fails, this is a token of severe pathology. This aspect of animal vision — the fact that multiple objects are perceived simultaneously — is profoundly mysterious, and has been almost entirely neglected in current research.

Representative Publications